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Friday, July 21, 2023


 As usual, we had rain last night, a lot of rain.  There were thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings, most of which happened while I was sleeping.  I do vaguely remember hearing thunder, but then I usually sleep like a log... or a rock... or whatever.

Yesterday at work I got 2 measures.  Corporate should be happy.  One was for roller blinds.  It was a young woman.  I honestly don't think she has any idea what she's doing;.  When I told her she needed to return to the store after the measurement, she seem surprised.  I believe she thinks they measure tech will take care of everything.  Her English was adequate. 

And today, being Friday, I am off work.  Things do need to be done around the house.  Plus there's weight training and and ride.  I am concerned about maintaining muscle mass as I grow older.  The idea of looking like a baby when I'm 95 years old does not appeal to me in the least.

It seems as though there might be hope for Bobby Tussel's drinking habits after all.  It appears as though the unionized employees of Anchor beer might be buying the brewery.

That nectarine tree I cut down?  Well, unlike the peach tree, it's not doing to well.  It does have a little moss starting to grow on the side.

Of course, whiny Jimmy Jordan had another weaponization committee meeting, this time with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  The bimbo who won Liz Cheney's seat asked him about the 2020 stolen election and he told her he didn't anything at all about that, of course, the cult has a one track mind and that's to sow as much disinformation as possible.  Of course, RFK, Jr was caught by Democrats in a number of lies, like his saying Covid was a bioweapon designed by the Chinese to kill whites and blacks while not harming the Chinese and the Ashkenazi Jews.  He claims he never said it, however there are videos of him saying it.  Oops.  He's not the only to forget that in today's world everyone has a phone, and so many are using their phones to record what people say.

One of the things I've begun doing is following 3 brothers named Meiselas on their YouTube channel.  They do tend to pick apart the far Right Republicans.  One of the things they talked about was Trump saying that he had millions of followers, actually saying he had 100 million followers, and how the members of his cult actually believed him.  If that were true, his rallies would draw hundreds of thousands; they don't.  Pictures and videos of the cult assembling around their cherished lead may be described in the thousands, but literally there are only 2 and 3 thousand, no more.  He has less hope of getting a crowd that loud, then Bobby Tussel has of getting another hundred cases of Anchor beer.


  1. RFK Jr is so stupid that he says stupid shit on tape and then denies he said the stupid shit even when the tape is out there.

  2. Oh no! Hope the nectarine tree recovers!
    And you know Gym and the idiot cultists will keep beating that Hunter horse for awhile more. They don't care if they get caught lying. Their minions will just lap up the sound bites and post them on social media to keep the fuckery going. Ugh. And how crazy is Kennedy? And he got mad at Debbie Wasserman for quoting him. Verbatim.
    What a hack.
    And you KNOW Mango Mussolini lies every time he opens his mouth, so....


    1. I'm sure the tree is toast. Jim Jordan gets mocked because he's so stupid: supposedly graduating from a law school but not passing the bar exam.

  3. All those Republicans are nuts. I had to get a chuckle yesterday when I saw an article article that said when Trump was president he passed a bill to have something to do with presidents and confidential classified documents. So when he took those out of the White House he basically just broke the bill that he signed. How quickly they forget what they did previously or said.

    1. He thought he was going to nail Hilary with her emails, except she never stole them.

  4. Replies
    1. He's so happy he's giving out free passes to his adult site!!!