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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Tasty and Glad

Well, wasn't yesterday tasty?  And I'm not just talking about breakfast with my brother, who's now sporting a full beard.  I had Eggs Benedict, if anyone is interested.  They were quite tasty.  Because it's just 2 eggs on an English muffin with a bit of hollandaise on top with a side of hash browns, I don't feel overly full after the meal.  Some people believe they need to leave the restaurant feeling bloated in order to get their money's worth.

And while we didn't get any rain yesterday here in Central PA, the sun was out most of the day, it did rain elsewhere.

There was an interesting article on age and friendship on the Washington Post page which linked to AARP.  Evidently it's good to have younger friends, as well as those in your age bracket.  Of course, I've known this for years and believe it or not, my friends come in all ages.  There is a bit of an age issue in not only this country, but in the world; too many see age as being stratifying, and you really should associate with those in your own layer.   Well, that's just horseshit.

And I have gladiolas!  They haven't bloomed is so many years, so I'm suspecting it's all the rain we've been having.

And, of course, the American people were served a scrumptious appetizer yesterday in the form of a Target letter received by the dishonorable Orange Anus.  An amusing aside:  during breakfast I told my brother I thought Christie was going to get the nomination and he found that funny, and then an hour later the Moral Degenerate throws out this savory bit in order wring more sympathy from his cult (and don't forget the buckos they'll send him).  Don't forget that Christie has qualified for the first debate and all Trump is doing is handing him plates filled with chewy ammunition.  At this point, I suspect there might not be a Republican debate.  Trump will refuse to be yelled at on national TV.

Then yesterday afternoon my cup ranneth over with joy when up in Michigan 16 indictments were handed out to those trying to send false electors to Washington, liars and losers ready certify their liar and chief Donald Trump.  Keep in mind, these are still just the appetizers.


  1. Ohhh those are pretty!
    I used to have them in my garden and they they went away. I wonder if they'll come back this year!
    And Mango Mussolini was SCREAMING on social media yesterday. It was delicious. And I like how Christie (who is fighting for that nom) trolls him constantly. LOL
    It's fun.


    1. I've seen a lot of comments on how Jack Smith, preparing to indict the asshole again, as force the judge in Florida set a much earlier date than Trump had wanted.

  2. Thing 45 was extra pissy which made me extra happy. I can't wait for the others to come down the pike.

    1. I'm just waiting to see who else gets a letter. I'm betting many members of the House are shitting little bricks.

  3. Most of my friends are younger than me. As well as those I date. It certainly helps me stay young.

  4. I like having friends younger than me, otherwise you end up hearing all about the oldies' aches, pains and doctor's appointments. I'm sure I'll be there too one day but ....!