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Friday, July 28, 2023

Make Your Own Kind of Music

 Fasten your seatbelts, Central PA, today's going to be a real scorcher... sort of... kind of... well, our temps are predicted to hit 94 (F).  So far, the weather forecasters have been spot on when it comes to their Fahrenheit predictions.  If they continue, tomorrow we'll be back in the upper 80s (F) with showers and storms.  More rain?  Yeah.  It's a good think I mowed my lawn yesterday.

I got a lot done yesterday.  Worked on the big tank, adding 4 more fish and a live plant.  The 3 large angelfish were curious at first, but they're fish, so their curiosity doesn't last long.

There's a woodcarver on Instagram that I follow named Dillon who posts interesting videos on making bowls, and pens, and other objects out of wood.  Yesterday he posted some idiocy on how porn leads to sex trafficking.  He didn't like when I told him that was wrong.  He directed me to some website FTND (Fight the New Drug) which claims porn is the newest drug.  Being me, I sent him several links to very reputable sites which note that porn, itself, has nothing to do with sex trafficking.  He has yet to respond.

Oh, and I went to see Barbie last night.  It was awesome!  Even though the trailers implied the film was going to be silly, it isn't at all.  In a way it's a primer for young girls and women on how to make their way in the real world.  I can understand why a number of conservative men, insecure in their masculinity, might have a problem with it.  There are some very funny scenes, and some very touching scenes... yes, Barbie cries... and so does Ken. There will be Oscar nominations all around for this one.

And, of course, there were no indictments yesterday.  You have to admit, the DOJ really knows how to be a tease.  Instead of indictments, they gave us more charges in the Mar a Lago document case.  That was, perhaps, the reason why Trump's attorneys were at the DC courthouse yesterday.  Can you believe that he actually wanted to destroy security footage?  I guess that's why they drained the pool into the security room, to dry and destroy the servers.  Ouch.  Because of the additional charges, he's knows for certain there is a mole at Mar a Lago.  Isn't it amusing, Barbie is singing a song that is resonating around the world, while Trump is only squawking noses that are discordantly out of tune


  1. It's still a hard pass for me on Barbie; it just doesn't interest me one iota.

    But Thing 45 trying to destroy video footage screams "I stole this shit and I need to destroy the proof."

    Of course the wingnuts are still crying witch hunt.

    1. They will cry witch hunt until he stops floating.

  2. Ohhh bet the wood carver didn't like that one. Porn the new drug? Please! I think FTND was the same excuse that porn star had to 'leave' porn (he returned).
    And I should go see Barbie with my gurlz. I've read very good reviews of it. Great apparently did a great job.
    And the added charges are delicious. Jabba the Orange was NOT pleased and Faux news keeps downplaying the whole documents thing. That's why half of repugs do not believe the docs were classified (they were).
    Also, Cheeto throwing minions under the bus (they are getting singled out, too) is kind of on brand.


    1. The carver has not responded, and I think the porn actor you're talking about was Markie Moore.

      Faux Fox will keep downplaying it, to do otherwise would be to lose a chunk of their audience.