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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


 Wednesday.  Temps are supposed to climb up into the 60s (F) today.  Both today and tomorrow are supposed to be sunny.  On one of those days I will be putting in some yardwork.  I need to clear the flower bed in the front yard and sow some zinnia seeds.  They're a great late summer and early autumn flower.  I also need to clean the bed at the side of the house, many tulips are sprouting there.  

The River Birch in the side yard are going to be trimmed as well.  And, out at the front porch, I think I'm going to get rid of the wisteria that's been growing there for years and years.  For a long time, the flowers were pretty, but wisteria is a vine that needs constant pruning.  Sometime this spring, I don't doubt that it will be removed.

Here's a picture of my nectarine buds.

The NYC Grand Jury has been quiet for some time.  Will there be an indictment shortly?  That's difficult to say.  Word was out that they may reconvene tomorrow and possibly look at other cases.  I don't think that's how it works.  I do think Grand Juries are convened for one specific case, when the decision is made to either indict or not, that jury is let go, they move on to other cases.  There, I suppose, the possibility they may be working on indicting more than one individual Trump's case.  

And Mikey Pence needs to testify before the DOJ Grand Jury.  That's a good thing.

I find it amusing how the Republicans talking constantly about how Democrats have weaponized the government while it's they who have been weaponizing everything they can to hurt Centrist America.  They fail to understand that they will never get a majority to sign on to an authoritarian America and they don't care if they end up destroying the one thing that makes us great.  And there is so much hatred in their hearts.

Finally, I've been laughing at Fox and how they're trying to keep Rupert Murdoch from testifying in the Dominion Law Suit.  Are they afraid he might say something damning?  And the fact that their extremists are going to have to testify?  That's almost yummy.  Tucker Carlson in the witness box is a gift.


  1. Love the nectarine buds!
    Lucky for you, your temps are good. It's snow flurries here. Go figure...

    And I hope they take Mango Mussolini by surprise. He thought he was jumping in front of him when he declared he was going to jail (what, a week ago?) and nothing happened. the boy who cried wolf, right?
    I hope they wring The Devil's Butler for all the truth and they slash his dream of becoming president (even more). Mother will be pissed and won't let him cum for a month.
    Oh, Dominion. Another delicious tidbit of shadenfreude.


  2. I like all the trembling going on on the right.

    1. There is a lot of trembling and shaking coming from the Right.