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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Get out your Party Hats

Saturday.  I work 6 hours, standard shift, 12 - 6.  Temps are predicted to climb into the low 50s (F), typical late winter, early spring weather.  No rain is in the forecast.  Yesterday was on and off showery, with 2 or 3 short term soakers.  Funny thing:  one of my co-workers actually said, "we need the rain, it's so dry."  Wrong.

I started watch Foundation last evening on Apple TV.  I figure, since I have the free subscription for 3 months, I might as well use it.  I have Paramount +, which gives me access to Showtime.  Meh.  I surfed their menu last evening and nothing jumped out and said "watch me now."  That's why I ended up watching the first episode of Foundation.  I'd tried to read the trilogy a long time ago.  Asimov could be really boring at times.

My lower back started feeling a bit scrunchy yesterday afternoon.  Maybe I slept the wrong way, or it could possibly the fact that I carried an A/C unit out to the car.  Maneuvering it down the staircase was a bit tricky since I couldn't see where my feet were.  Anyway, I don't doubt it will be naproxen and heating pads for the next couple of days.

I'll be taking a selfie for the back cover of my next book this morning.  I'll probably share it with you Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime, here's a picture of Biggie I took last night.  Sometimes he'll hot dog it when the camera is out, last night, not so much.  It was past his bedtime.

If you were paying attention to the news yesterday, then you know that the New York City district attorney will be meeting with various sectors of law enforcement on how to handle demonstrations when Trump gets indicted.  The operative word in that sentence, for those you don't know, is indicted.  And it's just a matter of days.  And it's the first indictment, other's will follow.  

One of the Moral Degenerate's attorneys has said Trump will go peacefully, in fact, having pictures of him being handcuffed and fingerprinted will galvanize his base..  I'm betting that Ronnie D. doesn't want this to happen.  Trump, the martyr, will steal the votes Ronnie so desperately wants.  In fact, Trump's getting arrested is the worst thing that can happen to Republicans.  Get out your party hats, and make sure you stand way back for the bloodbath is about to begin.



  1. I'd like several 8x10's and some wallet-sized photos of a handcuffed thing 45; I'll pay extra for any in an orange jumpsuit.

    1. The orange suit is probably not going to happen, but the Republican party being torn asunder is.

  2. I see Biggie is so totally over the paparazzi!!!