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Monday, March 20, 2023

Dividing America

 And here we are at the start of a brand new week.  Temps here in Central PA are predicted to rise into the upper 60s (F).  I'm looking forward to the real Spring finally arriving, rather than the fake spring that sprung from an overly warm winter.  We may have had a total accumulation of perhaps 3 inches of snow in total, none of which lasted more than few hours.  Just to be on the safe side, however, I will not put my snow shovel to bed until sometime in mid-April.

My back's a bit cranky again this morning.  The little A/C unit ;and the ceiling were deposited at a friend's house yesterday on my way back from York.  Of course, I was the one to carry both of them from my car to the patio at the back of her house.  The slight strain is muscular, I can tell because of where it's located, around kidney height and to the left.

I called and ordered a refill on Biggie's gabapentin this morning.  That his only med, I discontinued the Carprofen.  I took him off of it when his liver issues showed up and never put him back on it.  Honestly, I didn't see any change between when he was on it and when he was off, so I have no idea how much of a help it actually was.

I have buds on my nectarine tree.

I find it fascinating that Trump is calling for civil protests and possible violence over his approaching indictment and Kev McCarthy spit out something yesterday saying there should be no protest.  I suspect Kev is going to find out that most MAGAs see him as nothing more than a wet noodle.  By giving away the store to the Far Right in order to get the Speaker position he gave away what little authority he could scrap together to call a backbone.  MTG, Jordan, and the rest want to incite.  They see that as a strength while most Americans see it as ugly.  The Kari Lakes of this world see dividing America as giving them and advantage.  They don't understand they are actually driving people away.

As I said, yesterday I went down to York for lunch with a friend.  My route on my way back brings me up the Susquehanna past Scott Perry's Harrisburg Office.  Or, I guess I should say the former home that used to house his office.  His lawn shingle is down and that property is now up for sale.  Perhaps his neighbors complained.  Perhaps his landlords realized he was taking up space in a million $$$ property and kicked him out.  In fact, there are so many possible reasons.  I'm just glad that he's gone.


  1. Protests will only remind everyone of 1/6/2021 and that ain't good for the Thing.

  2. I was just chatting with my friend today after yoga and while we both love living alone, it's on days that you've got to move something heavy that you realize you really are alone isn't it. And to think I lugged a bloody generator out of the trunk of my car!!!!! Hope your back feels better soon!

    1. It's actually not too bad right now. Naproxen is the key.

  3. Oh, if anybody shows up to protest Mango Mussolini's arrest (if there is one) they'll get a surprise. It won't be Jan 6, I'm sure.
    Kevin has no backbone and the GOP knows it. I hope everything comes back to bit him in the ass.
    I feel you with your back. I have not thrown mine in years but it's a b*tch. I can't believe the nectarines are coming out already!!


    1. An arrest is coming and the Republicans are terrified. All you have to do is read their Tweets to see their fear.