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Sunday, March 12, 2023

I'm so Excited!

 Yesterday was cold and breezy.  No snow.  No sleet.  No freezing rain.  Sometime this evening we're supposed to begin a 36 hour snow event - total accumulation being a little less than an inch.  Wait!  What's that?  An 36 hour snow event with practically no snow?  How can that be?!  Don't ask me.

Work was short yesterday, only 4 hours.  I got a window blind measure towards the end of my shift.  That will keep management happy for a few minutes.  Customers are not flocking to the stores for flooring installations, at least not while I'm working.  One of my fellow associates has racked up 6 measures so far this week, but most of them have been for window blinds.  

On the home improvement side of things, I'm going to be replacing the ceiling fan in the workout / computer room with a more standard ceiling light.  The fan was a mistake I made a long time ago.  At 54 inches, it's way too big for the size of the room.  I could only use it at low speed, anything higher created hurricane strength winds that tore apart the room.

I understand Michael Cohen is going to be talking to the NYC Grand Jury tomorrow.  According to what I've been reading, Trump is having constant meltdowns.  That turd deserves every piece of shit that floats his way, in fact, at this point in his life I'd have to say he's the closest thing the world has seen to a shit magnet.  And I don't know about you, but I think we really do need the Pointer Sisters right now!


  1. Meltdowns..,good!

  2. Replies
    1. Just watch out for the splatters, I hear they're corrosive.

  3. Cohen knows where all the bodies are buried doesn't he! Should be interesting!