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Friday, March 3, 2023


 Accuweather has forecast rain for today.  The temps are only supposed to climb into the mid 40s (F) and that sounds cold.  We are, however, only in the early days of March.  If the temp hits 34 (F), that's spring weather.  People get confused.  They want to define spring as temps in the 60s and 70s.  Of course, since this winter has been so warm, those temps might be what we're going to be getting.

I've been having problems with my Fenix 6 Pro.  For the past 2 days, the only time I could get it to sync to the app was by rebooting.  Pain in the Ass.  So this morning I reinstalled it into the app.  So far it seems to be working fine.  

Since "The Last of Us," a series based on a video game, has become such a hit, anticipation is beginning to build for the next series with roots in the gaming industry.  If things continue to go as plan, that will be Fallout which will air on Amazon Prime.  The shooting for the first season has wrapped, meaning it's in post-production now.  No one knows how much CGI is going to be added to this post-apocalyptic action / thriller.  We do know it's going to be taking place on the west coast because that's where Vaults 32 and 33 were located.  A number of images have been leaked, including the Red Rocket gas station and interior of one of the vaults.  I'm excited.

And Republicans keep racing to the far right.  In Tennessee they passed a bill making it illegal to have Drag shows.  Of course, it will be challenged and quite probably make it to the Supreme Court.  I think it will die there since Drag, whether the Cracker Jack Crazies like it or not, is Freedom of Speech.

In Florida, one dingle headed loon introduced a bill to eliminate the Democratic Party.  Evidently this moron doesn't realized that Independents are already the largest voting bloc in the country.  So, why not just make that bloc larger.

Down in Texas, another dip-shit introduced a bill which would eliminate property taxes for those parents who had 10 children.  Now tell me, isn't that a great incentive to turn your wife into a breeder?  I doubt very much if that savings is going to be enough to cover the cost of raising 10 kids.

And then there's Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Joe Biden has thanked her for simply being herself knowing how many Centrist Republicans she's driving away from the party.  It's not that she doesn't have a brain, she just doesn't use it.  


  1. Ohhh I hope the adaptation is as good as TLOU. I’m really enjoying it.
    And I keep asking myself how forbidding Drag is not a free speech issue! But for the conservatives everything is performative, so..



    1. Those laws do attack Freedom of Speech, the only reason they're being passed is to titillate the Cracker Jack Crazy's religious erogenous zones.

  2. I'm more of the "That Dumb Bitch Doesn't Have a Brain" club.

    1. No, she has a brain, and she's using it to inflame the far right MAGA base.

  3. Good Lord, encouraging people to have 10 kids!!! Apart from the exhaustion who the heck can afford 10 kids. Years ago they introduced a "bonus" here in France for anyone that had a third child. I'm not sure that extra 1,000 francs was worth it!

    1. You have to look at the source, it's a conservative from Texas who introduced the bill.