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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


At around 0230 this morning Biggie woke me up.  He was walking around on the bed.  When a large dog does that you feel it.  Everything moves.  He jumped off and went into the Computer / Gym where I heard him throw something up.  That sound always creates a bit of a sinking feeling... especially that early in the morning.  I really hate having to rouse my ass out of bed and go clean up dog vomit.  But I did.  And what did I find?  Not dinner.  Nope.  There, lying right next to the weight bench, I found that Biggie had regurgitated a... (are you ready for this?)... fabric antler.  Four inches long and an inch and a half wide.  That's right.  The antler had somehow been torn off their toy moose and Biggie, because he's a dog, thought it might make for good eats.  Well, it didn't.  Now it's in the trash.
Yesterday Accuweather call for rain in the morning.  They were wrong... again.  It rained all day.  They need to work on their accuracy if they want to call themselves Accuweather.
Anyway, in the rain, I drove to downtown Harrisburg, about 8 minutes away, to file my Mom's will.  Parking is always bad.  I ended up parking my car in the University of Harrisburg garage ($10) an hour, and walking 6 blocks (in the rain) to the Courthouse.  It turns out every thing I had been told was wrong.  The Funeral Director had said anything over $10,000 needs to be filed, that I might be able to do a short probate.  I went to numerous online websites - they said that a probate needs to be filed for estates over $50,000.  My friend Patty needed to hire an attorney.  Everyone I talked to told me I was going to need to file the will.  At the courthouse I was told that because I and my Mom had joint bank accounts, and that since there were no other assets, I didn't need to file the will... at all.  The clerk told me to hold on to it "just in case something crops up in the future."  Now ain't that just duckie?
Oh, and Paul Manafort lied.  Stop laughing.  Stop laughing!  This guy has lied his whole life.  There is no way in hell he could stop.
And the race between Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy has tightened.  Finding nooses hanging from a tree near the state capital doesn't help the Republicans.
Also, the official flip count right now is 40 House seats.  That number is higher than the number of seats which flipped in the election after Nixon resigned.  Holy Shit!  In fact, the number of those voting Democrat slammed through previous barriers.  This is what happens when you have an unpopular president in the White House.  Republicans are terrified because the wave... is continuing to grow.


  1. poor biggie! hope he feels better now. my cats warn me before they ralph too; and it's best the furkids DO NOT ralph on the bed!

    well fuck, you got wet and spent money for nothing in HBG!

    currently stopped on page 121; they are in bawlmer at café american.

  2. If they're upstairs, they always dump the contents of their stomachs in the computer / gym / cycling room.

    Oh, so you're at the Hall of Benefactors. I won't spoil anything.

    1. I love how you have given yourself a spouse, many dogs, a huge mansion, etc.

    2. That's funny because my most favorite character, the one dearest to my heart, is Bobby Tussel.