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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Here... it... comes

So, here it is... my Sunday... or, as most of you out there know it... Thursday.  Halloween is over.
Biggie was in his glory last night, keeping all those nasty, little Trick or Treaters on the other side of the street.
And, it turns out, the sound on the TV is fine.  My Klipsch sound bar is what stopped functioning, which is irritating since it, too, is only about 3.5 years old.  Not that there hadn't been problems, glitches in the software.  I had to turn it off when using my phone.  If I didn't, the volume would increase super fast and it would be blaring.  If it's not raining, next Monday evening I will put it out on the curb.  By Tuesday morning it will be gone.
Wasn't the weather nice yesterday?  So warm. When the temps are so nice I don't quickly run and shut the door when Biggie knocks it open.  That's right, if he is outside and hits it hard enough with his big paw he can spring the latch. That's what happened early yesterday afternoon.  And since it was nice, I left the door open so the dogs could go in and out as they please... and 2 birds flew into the house.  That's right.  I had had 2 birds in the house.  The dogs thought I was great entertainment.  They sat and watched as I herded the birds back through the kitchen and out the back door.
In these last few days until the midterms we all need to be vigilant... and prepared, because the Idiot Jerk is going to throw as many monstrous piles of shit at the wall as he can.  Just think, 15,000 troops to the border to stop a caravan 1/3 that size.  In case you didn't know, his supporters really love their brute force.  Oh, and he can rewrite the Constitution with an Executive Order...  Isn't that causing a bit of a tumult?  Paul Ryan pretty much called him a liar on that one.  Wop!  Wop!  He held a rally in Florida and you could feel the hatred in the air.... and fear.  His impending doom approaches.  There is no way he can stave off the approaching investigations.  All those loyal people he has bought and surrounded himself with have already written their resignation notices.  The ass kissers and sycophants are preparing to do what they've always done under scrutiny.
This is our moment.  We have one chance to actually be Captain James T. Kirk in "The Wrath of Khan!"

Savor the moment.  Vote Blue!


  1. only instead of screaming KHANNNNNN! we will be screaming DUMPPPPPP!