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Monday, November 5, 2018

Squeak, squeak

My first of 4 days off in a row and.... someone forgot to tell the dogs what 'Daylight Savings Time' is because changing the clock on the wall has done nothing to change their biological clocks.  Their normal time to go outside is between 4 and 4:30 (yes, I get up early).  Now it's between 3 and 3:30.  Isn't Nature wonderful?
And rain is in the forecast for today, and also for tomorrow morning as well.  Originally the forecast had been for Nature's urination to start this morning and run through tomorrow, election day.   The heaviest rains will occur today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer with occasional showers and storms.  Shitty, rainy weather doesn't bode well for polling when it comes to older, white Republicans.  Standing in a line with an umbrella is not what they want at all.  I suspect that, like the Wicked Witch of the West, they have nightmares about melting.  Democrats, on the other hand, will crawl over broken glass to vote in this election.  I mean, what's a little water, a little pain, for the chance to wipe that shit stained smile off the face of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
So, does anyone know of Melania has started packing yet?  Oh, wait, did she even unpack?  I suppose her natural inclination would be to just leave everything behind and just buy everything new.
On a lighter note, Lily pulled the squeaky thing from Biggie's brown beaver.  I had to take it from her.  Given the chance dogs will eat those plastic things.

The squeaky thing
Someone should tell Republicans these things aren't natural.  They're going to start gulping them down as the polls start closing and the votes get counted.  By Wednesday the only thing coming out of their mouths will be a squeaking noise.  Of course, that's about all that comes out of their racist mouths now.
Vote Blue.
Let's make these suckers squeak!


  1. I am so ready for a GOP smackdown.

  2. Tomorrow is the big day!!!!! Thank goodness you pup didn't eat the squeaker. Imagine when she'd break wind.

  3. my 6 co-workers and I are all voting blue, as is my UPS delivery guy and my spouse!

    1. Why you little vote getter, you. Joe Biden should give you a citation.

  4. I am hoping for a blue wave tomorrow!