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Monday, March 19, 2018

Size matters

Well, here it is Monday - I get to go to work today - and then I'm off for 2 days. this is going to be a 32 hour work week for me so I don't care.  We're also supposed to be getting 3 - 6 inches of snow overnight.  That doesn't bother me either.
I had my 'bonus' meeting last evening.  The check was nice - not what I'm used to getting, but still it's money that I hadn't had before, however I did decide that it was probably my last.  I don't see any purpose in my going to the store for just an hour and a half every 6 months.
And yesterday I also had to deal with one of those customers who must have gotten a day pass from the asylum.  She had questions about tile.  Well, that's wrong, mostly she had observations.  Like are 12 inch tiles are not quite 12 inches, they're 11 3/4 inches.  We shouldn't claim that it's 12 x 12 when it wasn't.  Oh, and she had a tape measure.  That's right, she was measuring our tiles.  I informed her that sizing takes into account the fact that there will be grout, usually around 1/8" on all sides.  She didn't like that answer.
Then she asked where our 16 inch tiles were, stating "you say online that you carry 16" tiles."  We do, one style.  When I showed it to her she exclaimed "well, why wouldn't you carry more styles?  Just one style doesn't make sense!"  So.... I explained.  Contractors and customers prefer to work with square footage, it makes things much easier, not only with buying tile, but with arranging them on the wall or floor.  We sell 3", 4", 6", 9", 12", 18" and 24" tile because it's easier to calculate square feet.  A 16" tile is 1.77 square feet and that number complicates things.  She didn't like that answer either, and evidently she'd been in 2 other departments, asking the same type of questions, before she got to flooring.  Taking her tape measure, she left in a huff, no doubt planning an online expose' on how are signage is deceitful.  It isn't.  There's a reason.  You just need to think.

And speaking of size, there's a sizable number of Americans who want the Democrats to control Congress - they understand that's the only way to deal with the Idiot Jerk in the White House until he is legally removed from that position.  Of course this infuriates his base.  They don't care about democracy.  Nor do the care about America.  They only want to dictate.  The time has come to Take America back from the assholes.


  1. All this talk of 6" 12" 3"-6" is just making me hungry.

    1. You didn't know construction was so mouthwatering?

  2. dumb bitch; probably voted for the dump.

    and yes, size DOES matter! I don't wanna have to pull out a magnifying glass (like I did with my ex)!