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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Roll This

Well, not only is it Sunday, but we moved the clocks ahead an hour.  I didn't get up at my standard 0500 because that would have meant getting up at 0400 (if time hadn't shifted).  The end result is that today is now a rest day, as far as working out (well, I may do some weighted crunches before I go to work).
Evidently China is on its way to getting an emperor again.  They've had one for millennia so for them this is almost genetic.  How this will play out for the country?  I have no idea.  We'll all to wait and see.
The Idiot Jerk was out near Pittsburgh yesterday - they're having a special election to replace some Republican moron named Murphy, a minor scumbag who had his mask ripped off.  What the GOP had thought of as being a sure thing, isn't going so well for them.  The replacement Republican is apparently several sizes to large and that shoe looks like it might fall off.
I designed and sold some shades, and, or, blinds to several different people yesterday.  For those who don't know, there is a difference between a shade and a blind.  It's complicated.  Shades, for the most part, are composed of cells.  Blinds are either slats or rollers.  Solar Shades are actually Roller Blinds.
Anyway, one of my customers was a nice woman whose son, in his early 30's, had bought his first home and... moved out.  She told me he was very nervous, mostly because he now had a mortgage and bills to pay.  I've met him.  He seems like a nice man who, to be blunt, needed to be kicked out of the house.  His Mom is so happy, she bought him $1500 in roller blinds, brown, cordless, and with no valances (she doesn't like them).

Cordless roller shades, no valances
She also told me that he started "warming up" to his new home once he saw the rooms with some furniture in them...  Of course, she's having the blinds shipped to her house because he works during the day.  Oh, and his new home is a 'condo' with 6 windows - that's it.  I find that odd because my house has 14 windows and light floods in on sunny days.  Her son must have bought a cave.


  1. perhaps the "cave" is a converted old factory building with windows along only one wall. I moved out at age 23 and never went back.

    1. It's actually a row house / condo with an HOA - head about that, too.