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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Phonies among us

Well, it's Tuesday.  This is my 6th day working.  I'm off tomorrow, won't that be nice?  And Thursday!
So back on Sunday I had this young couple come in, they're going to be selling their house and want to new carpet installed.  She was all about how they wanted to make sure the new home owners had decent carpet, not top tier, but definitely not bottom of the barrel, and they want to take advantage of our free installation program.  After looking around, they settled on a cheap $1.00 per square foot carpet (bottom of the barrel).  Padding was supposed to be a nice, medium grade... and, of course, they went for the cheapest we sell.  For some reason, when I did their estimate, they were charged an installation charge.  They didn't like that, so we said we'd try and figure out why.  Yesterday she called to see if we'd found out why our estimator was including the charge, and she was all rancid, honey sweet, saying things like "That carpet color is just perfect with our paint," and "That texture would really pop in our living room," and "I know this is upsetting for you," and... well you get the picture.  She's a phony sack of shit.  They're going as cheap as possible.  I know why they're getting an installation charge:  normally that carpet is a lot cheaper.  The price was raised so customers could use it for the free installation... and there's a slight glitch.  The estimator still qualifies it as being too cheap.  Today I'll call her and tell her the truth, though I won't tell her she's a cheap sack of shit.  Oh, and to make her phoniness even worse, she ended her phone conversation by saying "and you have a blessed day."
Oh, and today there's also a special election out in the western part of the state to replace a Republican scumbag.  Evidently the Republican, some phony named Saccone, is lagging in the polls.  How desperate is this phony?  Well, he's starting ripping whole chapters out of the Roy Moore play book shrieking things like my opponents hate the Idiot Jerk (so true), they hate families (??? I know Republicans hate Muslim families, and interracial families, and same sex families, but Democrats and Independents don't), oh... and the hate God.  Can you smell the desperation?  We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.
And finally, for a bit of levity, if you haven't seen the Betsy DeVos interview done for 60 minutes, you really should, just for the hooting hell of it.  This woman is dumb as a fucking brick.

Money can't buy you intelligence, nor can it keep you from being a phony.


  1. but $$$ can buy a face/neck lift, which this bitch needs. hope the GOPrick loses BIGLY today in PGH!

  2. I can't stand the fucking bitch. excuse me. Yet another pain in the ass whos needs removed.