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Friday, November 17, 2017

The Mouse in the House

Well, here it is 3 days after my hernia repair and the surgical site looks... disgusting... there's nothing wrong, I was just expecting things to look... neater, not as bruised. My bits and pieces? My crank and nuts... what ever you want to call them?  All are hued with tints and tones of black and blue and look like I had a bad date with an octopus.  Anyway, these shades shall pass... eventually.  Just be thankful I'm not taking pictures.
I slept without meds last night, but did take a naproxin this AM because there is some ouchiness.
The dogs got a mouse this morning.  Yep, it's that winter mouse time of year, when I put out the traps and get a couple.  I always get them.  This one met his fate at the paws of either Big Seig or Lily.  I found him lying on the living room rug all mouthed up.  I don't know why, but dogs do seem to like running around with dead mice in their mouths.  He's out on the hill now, where he'll fertilize next year's weeds.
Yesterday the House of Representatives passed some sort of Tax overhaul thingy which isn't going to go anywhere, and of course they jumped around like teenage boys who'd just had their first orgasm.  And, of course, it's going to fail, and they are oblivious to the fact that this is going to happen.  At this point they are so out of touch with the American People, and they don't care.  They are desperately trying to prove that they can do at least one thing, even if it means proving they are failures.  Remember how they were going to write the ACA out of the books?  This is the same thing, and once again they're going to be doing it in a very public forum.  We're will need to endure about  3 weeks of blood and gore while the Republican carcasses slowly pile up.  The difference between them and the dead mouse I found this morning?  He will lead to growth, they will just stink to high heaven.
Oh, and bit of a blossom to their ever ripening bouquet.  The approval rating for the Idiot Jerk in the White House has reached a new low.  There are some funny comments here.  I like the one about it being Ground Hog Day again.


  1. thank you for NOT taking pix of your twig-n-berries! ;-)

    how low can the dump sink?

    1. Twigs and Berries? You should thank your lucky starts I don't have a CinemaScope camera, other wise you'd get to see it in Wide Angle Technicolor... the way big things need to be seen :)!!