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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Package This

Well, it's Sunday.  Yesterday was really warm here, near 60 F and while running around outside Big Seig got not 1 but 3 bug bites so I gave him a Benadryl, perhaps if he wasn't such a big target... Lily never gets them, Seig?  All the time.
I also had an amusing conversation with my neighbor Karen yesterday.  Her husband has, for quite sometime, been telling me that the ginkgo tree in my front yard will end up clogging my drainage pipe.  Well, evidently they had a clog... and they had to pay a lot of money for someone to come in a clean out their pipes... and while they were running some sort of camera out through their drainage system they made a surprising discovery.  When the sewer line was put in a long time ago, a direct line was run to my house, but not to theirs.  Their line leaves their house and runs into mine and my line is perfectly clear.  The clog was in their 20 foot section.  I didn't ask what it was, if roots were the problem, or if perhaps they flushing garbage down their toilet.  I suspect, however, that her husband is no longer going to be bringing up the subject of sewer lines.
Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my surgeon who's most likely going to tell me my healing process is progressing smoothly.  If he says it's okay, I'm going to hit the elliptical on Tuesday - now, I don't know if I'll manage to my normal 55 minute, high energy cardio... probably not, but one thing is changing.  I've ordered some Bluetooth earbuds.  I always listen to music and the one thing that's always bothered me was having to be attached to source, having to find a place to put my phone that's close enough to be jacked into my headphones.  That will end tomorrow when my Senso earbuds arrive.  I can't wait.

Delivered right to you Front Door!

I don't know if the guy comes with them or not, I guess I'll just have to wait until the package arrives.
Oh, and I saw that the Idiot Jerk in the White House has proclaimed that Fox News is better than CNN... well, of course it is if you happen to be one his supporters.  Where else would you find all the fake news that made your little heart go pit-a-pat?
Then there was the bit about Steve Bannon working to replace the 2 failed Republican Senators from Mississippi with 2 even more stupid Tea Party Republicans.  Shall we talk about regionalizing hatred?  Is this like BOGO racism?  Talk about a packaged deal, right?


  1. guess seig is sweeter tasting than lily.

    uh, I don't think the guy is part of the deal...he probably already has a husband.

    hope you get a good report at the MD!

  2. He may be sweeter, but Lily tends to be showered with more affection., she is the Lovely Lady Lillian after all.