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Sunday, December 28, 2014

With a thong in my heart

Even though Christmas was 3 days ago, there is still time for some surprising presents.  Take today, for example.  I had to go in to the store to give one of my associates her review.  As always, I checked out the paint desk just to see how things were going since it is my responsibility, even on my days off.  I was quite surprised, after giving the review, to find a present waiting for me by one of the tinters.  It looked to be a box of Whitman's chocolates - I love candy, however the cellophane wrapping had been removed.  Ah well, one of my associates had gotten the box for Christmas and was sharing it with me.  I was totally floored to find no candies inside.  Rather, there was a very funny gag gift.  You see I have an associate who looks quite a lot like Santa.  Occasionally, on days when business is slow, I'll suggest that he might want to go out and dance at the highway wearing a Santa thong.  It's all in fun.  Anyway, that's what they gave me for Christmas,a scarlet thong.

Actually, it's a before and after present:  what the thong looks like before Christmas and what it looks like after Christmas (as represented by some tasty, red licorice).
Needless to say, I turned as red as the thong, because it was a bit embarrassing.  I also laughed really, really loud because it was also very, very funny.  It also demonstrates the great rapport I have with my associates, that they could give me something like this knowing I would find it hysterical.

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