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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The bad taste of Christmas cookies

This is the time of year when a lot of people, who wouldn't normally bring food into work, bring in Christmas cookies.  Some bake the goodies themselves.  Others have their wives do it.  Yesterday afternoon one of my associates came back from break and said "Barry brought Christmas cookies in and there's something wrong with them."  She said they tasted the Natural Gas smells.  This I couldn't believe.  Nobody bakes that bad and takes it to work.  So, curious as to what these cookies actually tasted like, I went to the break room for a sample.  Bad idea.

I had just picked up one of the cookies and... Barry walks in.  "Oh, my wife baked those," he said smiling.  "They look good," I said, and took a bite.  My associate was horribly wrong.  They didn't taste like Natural Gas at all.  The thing in my mouth was worse then that.  And because Barry was standing there, I couldn't spit it out.  Believe me, I would have.  And, horror upon horror, I still had half a cookie left in my hand.

"Good," I muttered as I shoved the rest of the cookie into my mouth and swallowed.  "Yeah," he said, picking one up and eating it.  He seemed to have no problem with the taste.  I was actually feeling a bit nauseous.  In fact, I'm still feeling a bit queasy.  Just what did they taste like?  This is disgusting so you may want to stop reading.  They actually tasted like there was a bit of vomit in them.  I suspect one her ingredients had gone bad and she used it anyway.  Or, as my associate suggested, maybe she was trying to poison us.  What ever it was, it took hours for that taste to finally get out of my mouth.  What's really weird is that he didn't seem to notice.  Maybe that's what everything she cooks tastes like.  Wouldn't that be hell?

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