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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Schedule / Returns

They finally posted my Christmas week schedule.  Yippy!  It's okay.  I'm scheduled to work 32 hours.  That's sounds normal, except I always work more hours.  It goes with the job.  I always work more then 40 hours in a 40 hour work week.  This is what's expected.  Anyway, this is what it looks like.

You'll notice I have 3 scheduled days off, one of them being Christmas Day.  It would have been nice to have at least two of those days consecutive.  Alas, that was not to be.  Because kids are home from school, a lot of people take vacation at this time of year.  The store closes at 5 PM on Christmas Eve, and since nobody wants to work it, I'm there.  I manage the paint department which will be completely devoid of customers.  Nobody paints Christmas Eve.  No one's going to paint on Christmas Day, either.  And that 5:30 AM start on 12/26 is a booger.  We will have 2 types of customers:  those looking for dirt cheap Christmas decorations, and those returning unwanted presents.  Mostly we see the latter bringing back things like the Electric Bottle opener that takes 5 minutes to open a bottle of wine, and the Illuminated Toilet Seat.  That's right, we sell one of those just to make sure when you go for that middle of the night whiz you don't hit the floor.  We're not allowed to resell toilet seats, so every one of those gets written off.  And nobody is going to buy paint.  

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