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Friday, December 26, 2014

A plushless Christmas

Well, Christmas is over.  My family doesn't really celebrate.  What we do is gather at my 81 year old mother's house for cookies, coffee and chat.  Mostly we like to say this is because all of the grandkids are grown up.  More likely it's because nobody knows what to get each other.  For years my sister-in-law thought she was the equivalent of a gift giving guru, even though she consistently failed.  I don't have one single present left that was given to me by her, they've all been given away to people who might better put them to use, or who just might find a use for that fancy shmancy pepper mill.  The only thing I buy for now are the dogs, and love everything they get.  You can give them a tennis ball and they think you've given them the world.  This year they also got matching red collars - really spiffy.  And some toys, of course.

Here's Lilly with a Brett Michaels rope toy.  I don't know if he knows anything about rope toys, but the girls love this one.  They also got a number of toys without plush.  They tear plush toys apart and then run around the house with little wisps of plush pinched tightly between their lips.  They look funny, a little rabid but in a plushy funny way.  Still, in the end I'm the one who picks up the wisps.  So, no plush toys.  Squeakers yes.  They love things that go squeak, the louder the better.  So, I do celebrate Christmas, but I have more fun doing it with the dogs then with my family.

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