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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Comcast Curse

Just wanted to toss out a couple of thoughts before I dash off to work about Comcast.  I don't subscribe to their service, however, they do, unfortunately effect my life.  How?  They own NBC News, which is one of the websites I look at for my news updates.  What is the problem?  Commercials.  Articles which don't require a video always have a video attached.  And, of course, every video needs to have a commercial.  Stories regarding the incidents in Ferguson had poppy Coca Cola commercials and Swiffer commercials preceding the clip.  What makes this even more terrible is that the clips, themselves, are usually not that informative.  Everything you need to know is already noted in a paragraph below.  Of course that doesn't make a difference because the second you click on the ad the commercial begins to load.

What do I do?  I either pause the commercial and read the article or I mute out the sound.  You see, I don't drink soft drink.  I'm never going to use a Swiffer because I own a Miele vacuum cleaner which does a much, much better job.  I just purchased a Honda CRV and have absolutely no intention of ever buying a Toyota.  Right now, I don't need to rely on Depends, of course that may change when I get to be elderly.  Commercials in no way influence my buying habits, yet Comcast, in search of the never ending profit, feels they need to curse me with commercials.  In fact, they curse everybody.

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