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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mass Effect failure of Bioware

I like playing video games, they are one of the ways I work off the stress of a hectic day at the store.  One of my all time favorite franchises is the Mass Effect group.  I liked the fact that I could customize Shepherd - I made mine real hunky.  Mass Effect 3 was the first game I played in which the main character could have a gay relationship, which was really neat.  I liked it so much I played through all 3 games a second time while waiting for Shadow of Mordor to arrive.   It's a shame Bioware chose to give the franchise such a rotten ending - Shepherd dies.  There are actually three endings and they are all terrible.  The main idea behind a franchise is to keep growing it, not kill it off.  One of the golden rules of any form of entertainment, be it games, literature, movies, what ever, is don't piss off your customer base.  Don't let them play for 30 hours and hand them a plate of shit, they need to be given some sort of reward.  About a week after Mass Effect 3's initial release, Bioware gave the world additional content - for free, to try and explain the ending.  No one was satisfied.

Where's the % of players they pissed off?
And now, because they killed off Shepherd instead of retiring him, Bioware has quite a task ahead of them.  You see they're working on Mass Effect 4, and have been some time.  I'm sure they remember, however, that they did piss off a lot of people with the ending of Mass Effect 3.  This means they will need to kiss a lot of ass to get back all of those unhappy customers.  What reason is there for me to buy it?  The character I invested so much time in ended up getting incinerated.  I can't even conceive of what exactly was going through their minds when they approved that type of ending.  Bioware, and Electronic Arts, the company which released the game, are not going to get my buckos when the new game comes out.  Don't expect me to eat a plate of shit just because you hand it to me.

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