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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letting the Girls out

I'm off today and, of course, it's raining; something moving up the coast from down south.  We had some torrential rains this AM - the kind where you find yourself soaked to the skin in a couple seconds.  And, of course, I was shopping at my new, neighborhood Giant at the time.  Of course I had parked at the far end of the parking lot because it hadn't been raining at the time.

As I said, this is my day off, the first of two in a row; a scarcity in retail management.  I have the same two days off next week - key Twilight Zone music.  I never get two days off in a row.  I work every Monday, that's my HR day, when I'm supposed to deal with issues.  I also work every weekend, unless I request them off.  Another thing I don't get are fixed shifts - this means I can close the store on one day and open the store the next.  They do try and give us 10 hours off between shifts, but that doesn't always happen.

I do like to take the girls for a walk on days I have off, they love the park.  It wasn't until this past Monday, when one of my female associates reminded me, that when women talk about "the girls" they are not talking about female Boxers.  Evidently they've been chuckling away for some time behind my back because a lot of times when I leave work I say "it's time to go home and let the girls out."  I tried to let them out today but neither one of them likes getting wet.  Tomorrow the forecast is for occasional showers, so, weather permitting, and since I am once again scheduled off, I will try and take the girls for a walk.

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