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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Incarcerating Moment

We are in the middle of Cashier Appreciation Month at the store and, as a result, Department Managers are voluntarily going front and giving cashiers fifteen minute breaks as a way of saying 'thank you.'  Yesterday I did two stints at the Pro-Registers since I tend to get along well with contractors.  On my last stint I had a customer come with $168 of merchandise.  When it came time to pay he told me it would be with a credit card and pulled a small sheet of paper from his pocket with a number written on it.  This may seem unusual but a lot of contractors will send in their workers with just the number if they need product in a hurry.  Unfortunately for this customer, after he had keyed in the number, he got an error message.  I explained to him that things were rapidly changing with the way we handle credit cards because of the data breach.  His response was "really?  I've been incarcerated for a while.  I didn't know anything about that."  To which I said "Really?"

As it turned the sale was legitimate, the credit card was good and he had been honest about his incarceration.  I didn't ask him why he had been behind bars for "a while" since it really wasn't any of my business.  I did think that under the circumstances his boss should have actually given him the card rather then writing the number down on a piece of paper.  It was an interesting end to my day, to say the least.

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