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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Managing your Veterinarian

It's that time of year when I start to get postcards from my Veterinarian, I have dogs, you know?  The postcard I received yesterday reminded me that "Lilly is due for the following in November:  Rabies 3 year vaccine-imrab 3" and a Fecal exam -intestinal parasite.  I will make an appointment and she will get her shot.  We'll pass on the fecal exam.  She has already had two fecal exams, one by her breeder's vet and one from my vet after I got her home.  Besides, I've learned through past experience, my Vet will want to do a fecal exam every year. This is what she did with Gert.  What they're really doing is charging me $25 to check her poop for worms.  That's it.  Do any of my dogs need to have a fecal exam every year?  Nope.  Does my Vet send me a postcard every year saying it's time to do a fecal exam?  Yep.  Why?  Easy money.  While I'm sure most Vets do, indeed, love animals, the bottom line for the vast majority is money.  They're not in the business to starve.

Vets aren't bad, they just need to be managed.  When I talk to people who take their dogs or cats to the Vet for regular checkups I find their bill averages around $200.  Mine averages around $75.  Many Vets have no problem guilting you into services you really don't need.  Take Lyme disease.  Surprisingly 90% of all dogs infected with Lyme disease never show any symptoms... hhmmm, and Vet's make it sound so bad.  The symptoms those remaining 10% do develop are: lethargy, aching joints and lack of appetite, and those symptoms are treated with simple antibiotics.  Don't believe me?  The PA University's School of Veterinary Medicine has a very good web site.  I've learned a lot there.  Of course Vets are still going to want to charge you for a Lyme disease test, as well as a Lyme disease vaccine.  That's $50 bucks from your pocket to theirs.

What I'm saying is that Vet's, in general, are not bad, they just need to be managed, like small children.  If you're not careful, they will cost you an arm and a leg all the while talking in "baby talk" to your pet.

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