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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Furiously aiming away from the Bulls-eye

Inside the tank there is order, outside the world is surreal and chaotic.

That's right, I saw Fury last evening.  In some respects it was very good, however, there is a however - meaning in some respects it didn't do so good.  The combat scenes were great, I had no problem with them.  They were quite well done, except for the colored tracer bullets - they reminded me too much of one of the games I play.  It was those surreal and chaotic scenes outside of the tank with which I had problems.  Why?  Because, even though they were surreal and chaotic, I knew how they were going to end.  In other words, they were predictable.  Which is a problem.  In fact, the whole film was fairly predictable.

I really did like the combat scenes though.  Perhaps this is because they were dynamic, they were fast paced with super slick edits, and, most important, they kept me from thinking about those minutes of surreal and chaotic drama that really did nothing more then waste my time.  And they kept me from thinking about the predictability of the whole thing.  Like thinking about which character is going to die next, and die they do.  This is war, after all, and that means characters are going to get killed off, not all of them, mind you, but enough to make you understand that "war is hell."

I really wanted to like this movie and, sadly, in the end all I can say is that it was okay.  I don't know if it was the director / writer, or what, but for some reason it kept furiously aiming  away from the bulls-eye.

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