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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Verizon cracks

After six days of working, I am enjoying the first of 2 days off, though let me tell you, it hasn't all been fun and games.  One of the first things I did this morning was call Verizon - the second time in 3 weeks.  I first called them on April 23 have decided to switch my TV from FIOS to Direct TV.  After talking to them for about 25 minutes they decided to issue me a nice little credit to run for a full year, this was because I'm such a "valued customer."  The even sent me an email confirmation to let me know my new monthly payment.  When I received the email copy of my bill there was a discrepancy.  The total owed to Verizon was higher than I had been quoted - because they had raised the rate for the package I had.  That's right, they gave me a credit and then they raised my rate.

So this morning I called them back.  The first customer service rep I spoke to pointed out that on my paper bill, on page three, there was a notification that my rate was going to go up starting with this billing cycle.  Evidently this is all the notification they need to legally give you.  He also informed me this increase had been applied to every one who has the "Elite" package.  I suspect every package level had some increase, mine amounted to $5 a month.  Now I know some of you are saying that's not a big increase, but it is when you consider gasoline is up 25 cents a gallon since November, and my electric rate went up in February, and the water rate is supposed to go in June.

Making Verizon listen

Anyway, the first CSR couldn't help me so he transferred me to his Supervisor, who couldn't help me either.  The Supervisor transferred me to "Retention" because Verizon doesn't really want to lose customers.  Retention had me email my confirmation back to them, where upon they approved an adjustment to my rate for the rest of the year.  Just think, if I hadn't saved that email, my rate would have gone up because Verizon doesn't care what I'm paying for my 'essential utilities.'  Their main concern is keeping their investors happy.  Verizon doesn't care how much you pay per gallon of gas, they just want Wall Street to know their profits are going to go up by 5% this year.  The $60 adjustment to my bill for this year is not going to show up on their balance sheet.  They could do $60,000 in adjustments and it wouldn't show up, in fact they probably do.

The sad thing is that the vast majority of people who see this rate increase will simply say "oh, shit" and reach for the check book.  They'll piss and moan about how everything is costing more and do absolutely nothing.  I don't understand why so many find it so easy to become sheep.  A year from now I will probably end up switching to Direct TV because it is less expensive.  Unless, of course, Verizon decides to give me another rate adjustment, which they just might.

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