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Friday, May 2, 2014

An Uncompromising Friday

Well, it's Friday and it's a crappy day.  You would have thought that by May 2 it would be warmer, that April's cloudy, showery days would be over, but they aren't.  They're still hanging around.  I took a vacation day today for several reasons, one being to get some yard work finished.  How many of those chores will be completed?  Probably not as many as I had hoped.  This was also the day when Zimmerman's came for the annual service on my Central Air unit, which required the heat be turned off and the A/C turned on.  At 0800 my house was a chilly 55 degrees.  I have two Boxers which are big and bouncy, and since not everybody is comfortable with big and bouncy I usually herd them outside when the service technician is inside and bring them in when he works outside unit.  And the temperature in my house was a chilly 55 degrees, and it took him an hour and a half to do what the other technicians have done in an hour.  Of course, upon completion there was the stand 15 minute discourse on all the 'upgrades' I should consider.  He even went so far as to check my dryer vent to see if I needed to schedule a 'Vent Cleaning' which, because I'm on the service plan, would only cost me $75.  After I declined I had to initial a small box to indicate I'd been made aware of the service and chose against it.  My Vet does the same thing when I choose not to buy my Frontline from them.  It's a subtle form on intimidation since it puts the blame on you in case anything goes wrong.  I told you, it's a crappy Friday.

Some place in the village

The temptation is there to pick up the controller and spend some time on a game.  Right now I'm killing my way through Crysis 3, a FPS which takes place in a post-apocalyptic, domed Manhattan.  Fun stuff.  I'm not that bad at 'first person shooters,' a lot better then you might think for someone in my age group.  It's all part of my plan for aging.  The results are not in completely, but some studies indicate that there is a correlation between video games and 'hand/eye coordination', something you don't want to lose as you get older.  

Of course, if the sun chose to come out I'd feel more like working outside, well, not really.  I'm a morning person.  I get as much done in the morning as possible because I know that by the time the afternoon rolls around I'm going to want to do anything but work.  I was up at 0530 and got pretty much done, but then the clouds began moving in, and the service tech, who was schedule for between 0730 and 0830 showed at at 0820 and didn't leave until 1030.  Since then the day has been in a slow downward spiral.  

I'm ready for summer, and I have this feeling it might end up being cool and rainy, a bad bookend for the bad winter we just had.  On days like this all I want to do is snooze, eat ice cream, and play video games... is that such a bad life?  No.  But I did really want it to be sunny today.  I need to get the weed wacker out and start ripping the hell out of the fence line, otherwise the verge will overwhelm it.  

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