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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy's fail

True to form, I did not watch the Grammy Awards this past Sunday.  From what I've read, I don't believe I missed much, except for Daft Punk.  Space suits and helmets - yeah!  Evidently Beyoncé wore lace - who cares?  Not me.  I don't own a single Beyoncé tune.  So I didn't miss that.  The "Same Love" performance probably seemed like a good idea to a few people yet I think it was probably a mistake.  Just because a small number of states (what is it?  12) have legalized same sex marriage doesn't mean the vast majority of the viewing audience really wanted to see 33 couples getting married on live TV.  It makes no difference if some of the couples were straight and some were gay, this is not something the American audience may not be ready to see in Prime Time, so don't shove it down their throats.  then, for some bizarre reason, they included that media whore Madonna.  If I remember correctly, this woman recently exploited her son on Instagram to keep her name in the spotlight - sounded a bit desperate to me.

Going above and beyond

Then there was the faux Beatle reunion.  I had heard rumors this was going to take place and, for a moment, thought of turning on the broadcast just to watch this historic moment.  But then reason took over.  Would I really get a chance to see the two surviving Beatles do a quick medley of three or four of their songs?  Logic dictated otherwise.  Yoko Ono stupidly sold the Beatle catalog for about 400 million.  The stupid woman did not realize the Beatles were not just another boy band so somebody else (maybe Sony?) owns the rights.  This grates Paul to no end.  Besides, Paul is dealing with his own ego, he is Sir Paul McCartney you know, and he is still writing and recording music very few people buy.  So, I suspect when the suggestion was first broached to him about a possible reunion with Ringo, the first thought that went through his pinhead was "hey, I can play one of my new songs."  The idea that the two of them doing a medley of Beatle songs would make history and, most likely, shatter the Twitter universe probably never occurred to him.  Missing Paul McCartney, with his puffy face and puffy hair, and Ringo Starr (looking pretty good for his age) playing McCartney's latest non-hit meant I missed nothing.  This is why I don't waste 3 hours of my life watching the Garmmy's.

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