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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shock and denial

Denial is a funny thing and some people do really funny things when in a state of denial.  they twist their logic in such a manner as to make their words and actions make perfect sense.  Some men have a very difficult time with aging and as a result have a mid-life crisis, which is just another name for denial - they're going to do everything possible to prove they're not getting older, at the top of the hill and slipping into that downward slide into old age.  Some women wear Lululemon Yoga Pants even though they've got a fat butt and thunder thighs to try and prove otherwise.  Then there's Aaron Schock, the uber-conservative, anti-gay, GOP senator who just might possibly be gay

 I think this is really funny because he may end up being the poster child for gay denial.  From what I've been reading, his voting record on rights in general, but most importantly on gay rights, has been so extreme, almost like a smoke screen.  You know, the belief that if you throw enough chafe up into the air you will be invisible on everyone's radar screen.  Of course then you end up sitting in a cloud so thick it's visible to the naked eye, which is kind of what Mr. Schock has done.  TMZ reports he's been seen hitting the bars in DC, which is bad for the Illinois Senator - he evidently hasn't realized there is nothing more powerful then gaydar. Every time he gets within several hundred feet of a bar his presence will be known.  He will become more then just a blip on the screen.  And of course he will need to keep denying the truth, over and over again.

More then just a blip on the gaydar

What else can he do.  If his overzealous anti-gay voting record is the result of an uber-conservative's denial of his own sexual orientation, what does that say of him as a human being.  He will shit on anybody and everybody because all will be viewed as threats.  Of course, he can always come to his senses, quit politics, and become a personal trainer.

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