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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korea lights another fart

For years the Chinese government sat back and watched North Korea posture and rattle swords and, figuratively speaking, lay on their back and light farts at the United States.  For most people, the accepted reality was that North Korea was their bastard.  They helped bring it to life and only they chose to ally themselves to the sorry, little country.  Over that period of time things have changed, slowly at first, but then more rapidly.  One of those changes being China rediscovered Capitalism.  Before, when their spoiled brat of a child acted up, they most likely chortled among themselves, watching the world react with stogy amusement.  Now, however, with Kim Jung-un government muttering daily about the threat of nuclear war, I suspect something else is crossing the collective Chinese mind.  Whether they want to admit it or not, they are responsible in more ways then one.  Instead of reigning back this spoiled brat of a country, they permitted juvenile outbursts.  Instead of teaching their illegitimate child about responsibility, about the benefits of Capitalism they allowed it's people to starve.  If the idiots of the north actually do something stupid, or bad, or both, the world will look at China and say "where the fuck was your head?"  This is not a good thing when your economy depends upon untold trillions in exports to the world.

Dumb Shit

As with most parents of too late discover their only child is a spoiled brat, I suspect the Chinese have a real problem on their hands.  While they may be hoping dialogue will work, in the end they may have to rely on intervention, a resolution which would be bloody for both countries.  They should have resolved these issues a long time ago.  Now they're letting the fat faced moron and his hyper active military regime back them into a corner in which they will only have two choices.  Sit back and do nothing and hope your economy survives, or smack the North Koreans back, really hard, in order to teach them a lesson.  

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