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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

John Faraci - as unamerican as they get

Before I worked for Home Depot I used to work for xpedx, the distribution branch of International Paper.  What did I do?  Worked in accounting - accounts payable / receivable to be precise.  Back in 2008 our District A/P manager came to our facility in Camp Hill and told us that while International Paper was indeed moving it's accounting to Poland our jobs were not at risk.  Not being  the dumb, easily duped type, I got a part time job at Home Depot.  It was no surprise to me when, in February, 2009, my department was called in and told 'yes, our jobs are going to be outsourced to Poland.'  In the heart of the recession we were told we were losing our jobs.  We were also reminded, constantly, that this was a business decision.  Not only were we being laid off at a time when nobody was hiring, Poles were flown in so we could train them on how to do their jobs.  True, I did receive a nice severance package but I was also 56 years old at the time.  Even today it is quite difficult for your average 56 year old male to change jobs, try and imagine what it was like in 2009.  And this was a business decision made by the CEO of International Paper.  A guy name John Faraci.  During America's worst economic recession this man chose to lay off hundreds of workers and outsource to Poland because it boost xpedx's profitability.  He also decided it would be better for the American economy to send the Credit Departments of every xpedx to Guatemala.  This is John Faraci.

Would you really trust this man?

Yesterday, while I was mixing paint at Home Depot, not one but two associates stopped by and told me the same thing.  Xpedx was being sold to Unisource.  When I got home I found an email from an other associate who said "it looks like their cutting us lose."  She included a copy of a letter she had received from Mary Laschinger, president of xpedx (included below).  A meeting was held on Monday with xpedx employees which provided very little information.  They are in the dark.  And there are a lot of them.  One year ago, this is what they said.  I suspect this, in John Faraci's mind, is another way to outsource.  Will people lose their jobs?  Do you think he really cares?  Remember, it's all about being making money.

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