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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dealing with the hell that is call Facebook

One of the most insidious evils in today's society, and you might never think of it as evil, is, of all things, Facebook.  Remember when you could use it to find long, lost friends, or acquaintances you might want to think of as friends?  Well, you can still do that, however one of things which has changed is those people have not been given a platform on which to shout out their loves, their hates, and their grievances.  Facebook is not about catching up any more, or simple socializing, Facebook is about forcing your "likes" down as many throats as possible.  You are basically given three choices in dealing with these morons:  unfriend them, ignore them, or join them.  I've been doing the first, after a polite message from me to them explaining my reasoning.  Most of them provide me with an angry retort before they disappear forever.  My ego does not need countless friends in order to survive.

Another really major problem is the relentless advertising.  In case you don't know, if one of your friends clicks on an advertisement, you will soon be getting a little notification which starts off "you might also like..."  Facebook is not about making your life simple by giving you valid suggestions, Facebook is about creating revenue from advertising.  What is even more surprising is that there are all of these dumb shits out there clicking on things left and right without understanding Facebook keeps a file with their computer ID on it and every time they click they add a bit of information to that file.

I suspect Facebook's main goal is creating a hive mentality in our culture.  Try finding a product or a service which doesn't have the Facebook logo attached.  All it takes is one click and you've found them on Facebook.  In the end, what will save society is product overload.  It's already beginning to happen.  Just because you like something doesn't mean you're going to buy the product, or even visit the website more then 2 or three times.  Just because some moron out there likes 400 or 500 different companies doesn't mean that bozo brain is going to be spending his hard earned cash with those companies.  At some point in time the revenue spent to advertise on Facebook will out way the cash returned.  

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