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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mitch McConnell - Number One With A Bullet

I see Mitch McConnell is in the news again because he and some of his staffers were saying bad things about Ashley Judd.  Ha ha, somebody recorded the conversation. Double ha, ha, somebody released it to the media.  Didn't something similar to this happen to Mitt Romney?  Oh, yeah, I remember that, when he talked about 47% of the American people in a not too friendly manner.  Hey, Mitch, I hate to tell you this but Politics is not like Hollywood where bad press is not better then no press at all.  If you are up for re-election glowing praise is what you want.  You do not want to be recorded sitting around with a bunch of dumb shits bad mouthing a possible opponent.  Tell me, Mitch, who do you think comes out of this smelling like roses.  From what I can tell, you're pointing your finger all over the place except at yourself.  You do understand that you were in charge, even if you were not an active participant.  No, I don't think you do.  I suspect you are going to pull a standard Republican ploy and actively hunt down the culprit in order to remove yourself from the issue.

This is one more example of the Republican Party sinking into the tar pit of oblivion.  Damn, even your insiders hate you enough to go public.  Now, I'm sure this kind of behavior happens in the Democratic Party as well.  This is what politics is.  They, however, are not the ones with recordings on a bullet ride to Number One.  A word of advice, if you want to make National News, don't do it this way.  All this does is make you look stupid.

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