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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Republican Reality

It's funny listening to the Republicans waffle.  Some of them understand there is something wrong with their party, some of them don't.  I suspect a lot of them are simply parroting what their leaders want them to say without even taking the time to try and comprehend what their words mean.  A few of them know they need to start down the path of change, but change is difficult.  They're blaming Romney for running a bad campaign, but they were all behind it.  They're blaming the polls.  Franklin Graham is blaming the Evangelicals.  This party likes to point fingers at everybody but themselves.  They like to point to past Republican presidents citing their accomplishments without bothering to note that these presidents did not lean far to either left or right but were, rather, centrist presidents.  This election cycle they tried pointing to the Founding Fathers as representing traditional beliefs without bothering to explain how Liberal those beliefs actually were, like Freedom of Religion.  They're not acknowledging that if it hadn't been for the racist vote Romney would have ended up with what, 39%?  Guess what, the racists are slowly dying off.  America is changing and they're being left behind.  Their Party Platform was so far to the right and they thought people would jump on board.  They don't understand that candidates like Akins and Mourdoch are 60 years too late.  Now they're accepting the fact that revenue needs to be on the table to avoid the fiscal cliff they helped design and they are bit happy.  Why?  Because they are all wealthy and it's their own taxes they're going to have to raise by cutting out loopholes.  That's why they stand around looking like they've been sucking on lemons.  This election has shown them just how unspecial they are.  I think Mitch McConnell looks particularly sour.  Could be he has discovered he's standing there with a diaper full of shit.

Time for a diaper change?

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