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Friday, November 9, 2012

Is Jenna Lee just another brick in the wall?

I'll be honest, I don't normally watch Fox News.  Why watch conservative pundits constantly attack anything and everything they deem to be liberal?  Yesterday, I watched for about 2 hours and it was like entering into the Twilight Zone.  I unfortunately got to watch Jenna Lee in what I supposed was to be a discussion with 3 women, only one of whom was single, as to why single women voted for Obama.  One of the went so far as to say she would tell single women about all the good things conservatives have to offer.  Don't these people realize it's the things they want to take away from single women that most effected their vote?  There was also this bizarre inference that if you were married you would have voted for Romney.  I've heard more relative conversations between bricks then I heard between those 4 women.  They still don't understand why they lost the election.  Perhaps it is impossible for them to even acknowledge how off kilter they are.

Just another brick in the wall

And Laura Ingram made some sort of silly comment yesterday about the GOP possibly having to get back into the trenches.  Duh, doesn't she realize that unless there are Blacks, and Latinos, and Gays and Single Women in those trenches with them they're wasting their time?  If you take her words literally she is advocating trench warfare against every single soul who doesn't bow down and kiss the boots of conservatism, or at least the conservatism she advocates.  Instead of them saying that perhaps they should re-evaluate and possibly move a little more to the center, they seem to be driving themselves farther to the right.

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