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Monday, September 3, 2012

Successful Business do not create jobs!

Today is Labor Day and I'm working.  I'm in retail, an ASDS in a Home Depot store.  I wasn't always in retail and for a vast majority of my adult life I had off every labor day, until September of 2009 when, at the height of the recession, xpedx, a subsidiary of International Paper decided it was fiscally prudent to outsource my job to Krakow, Poland.  And it wasn't just me, every one in my department lost their jobs, a the height of the recession (notice how I repeat myself?).  To add insult to injury they paid to fly in our Polish replacements so we could train them.  These decisions were made by a successful business man name John Feraci.  For some time now we have been fed this notion that if you're a successful business man you know how to create jobs.  That's nothing more then pure horse shit. Successful business men trim fat, they cut programs, they kill jobs in order to be successful.  When they're successful they don't decide to suddenly get fat again.  They want to stay trim because that's what makes them money.

Meg - compassionate or callous?

Take Meg Whitman, she made a nice fortune running Ebay.  She then ran for the position of Governor of California, spending some of her own money to have the voters reject her.  The people of California decided she was unfit to be Governor.  Now she's running Hewlett-Packard and cutting 27,000 jobs.  She's going to make Hewlett-Packard successful.  Does she care about the people who are losing their jobs?  Hell no.  She's getting paid another fortune to make that company make money, not to demonstrate care and concern.  That's not part of her persona.  She doesn't want to be Mother Theresa.    She wants to be in charge.  This is true for all successful business men, it's not about creating jobs, it's not about about controlling people's lives, because people don't matter to successful business men. 

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