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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Steve Jinks makes it permanent

With last night's episode of Warehouse 13 Steve Jinks became a permanent member of what seems to be a slowly evolving ensemble cast for the SyFy show.  As the cast evolves, so it seems, does the show.  This is what the writers and producers attempted with the doomed Eureka, their problem was with all that extra talent the only thing they could think to do was focus on relationships; every body needed to banging somebody else, or that was all they could think about.  As a result it died a sad, lonely death.  This does not seem to be the case with Warehouse 13. where it seems they float "test" characters first before casting.  They floated Claudia for a while before she made the jump to permanent cast member, the first step in the show's evolution.  As a result you have minor characters who show up for a story arc ( like H. G. Wells) and then disappear and you have major characters who appear in every episode.

Welcome aboard buckaroo!

For years the linchpin for the SyFy Channel was the Stargate franchise.  It ran for years and had a number of incarnations long after the original was off the air.  Believe me, everybody wants to create the next Stargate, which is why I think the writers and producers have chosen to grow their show in a way where relationships, other then friendship, are not the focus of each and every episode.  They are working with mystery and intrigue.  Believe me, nothing builds an audience like mystery and intrigue.  One of the most famously watched episodes on television was the "Who shot JR" episode of Dallas.  The audience was not tuning in to see cast members fantasize about banging one another.  They were watching because they wanted that damn mystery solved.  This is the smart way to evolve.  This, I suspect, is what they're doing with Warehouse 13.

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