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Monday, January 30, 2023

Is there a Blizzard in your Future?

 Well, a happy Monday morning to everybody.  Another cloudy, drizzly day is forecast for Central PA.  Yesterday was overcast, but all we really ended up getting were showery sprinkles and were spotty, to say the least.  Today is going to be a replay, and then overnight the temps are going to drop.  Tomorrow's high is expected to be in the mid 30s (F).

I went down to York yesterday to have lunch with my friend Betsy.  Our routine is always the same, lunch at the Imperial Gourmet and desert at Dairy Queen.  Betsy decided on an chocolate dipped ice cream cone, which led to a discussion on ice cream cones.  She found it odd that we never had cones while I was growling up.  My mom always served up bowls of ice cream, never cones.  I see cones as messy, and, of course, her chocolate dip fell off and the ice cream began to melt and dribble down over her fingers.  Wisely, I chose a cherry Blizzard with chocolate chips and, for the first time, posted a picture on Facebook.  Quite a number of people recommended other Blizzards to try: Turtle, Butterfinger, Oreo, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip, to name a few.  Evidently Blizzards are very, very popular.  Here's the pic of the one I had for dessert.  You can see her cone (pre-melt) in the background.

I saw yesterday how Megyn Kelly decided to raise a bit of stink on social media about Dr. Jill Biden.  She riled up a lot of people, which was her intention.  I always find it amusing how easily some people can b e provoked, especial those who really ought to know better.  I'm sure Meg got a few chuckles out of the reactions her comment received.  Her sole purpose was to manipulate, and she succeeded.  If you really want to irritate Meg, simply mute her.  Believe me, getting only 50 comments rather than 800 is going to far more painful to her than you think.  Not commenting is an attack on her ego.  The only power she has is when people react.  If you want rile up Meg, say nothing.  If you follow her, unfollow.  Believe me, it will drive her batty.

One aspect of the horrendous beating and death of Tyre Nichols that I find fascinating was that while there were protests, none of the turned violent.  No cars were set on fire, no windows broken, no stores looted.  This is not what white conservatists were expecting.  They were hoping to point fingers.  That never happened.  This is important because when Trump gets indicted, you quite probably will see something totally opposite from his MAGA base.  Guess who will look bad?  Guess which political party will be hurt?


  1. Megyn Kelley is thirsty for relevance and her anti-women lying hypocrisy is just the right step ... in her delusional melon.

    1. Yes, her fame and fortune seems to have been rather fleeting.

  2. Megyn is a See You Next Tuesday. She's a very unhappy person. Those sixty (??) millions did nothing to make her happy.
    And the whole Tyre Nichols death is a disgrace. The popo will never PREVENT crime, they'll commit them. Along with egregious abuses of power.
    And I love me a DQ blizzard.


    1. Meg's problem is that she believes her own press, as her career continuously winds down. You'll notice how quiet the white Republicans are regarding Nichol's death. There's a reason for that.