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Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Yesterday was a day of accomplishment!  Most of the lawn got mowed.  Sadly, I had to recharge the battery on the mower.  The rest will be mowed today.  I did some planting.  Got in a 13.86-mile ride, my legs were a bit sore last evening.  Set up the new storage and downloaded a game: This War of Mine, you scavenge through the town to get supplies to make your house more livable.

Of course, I have to tell the weather is marvelous.  The high today is supposed it 78 (F), which is a very good temperature for yardwork.  I have buds everywhere.  I can't wait for the color.  I even planted some marigolds.  You know?  The stinky, pretty flowers that last all summer.  And an elephant leaf plant.

For those interested, the next book is coming along fine.  The Body Under Ice.  Mackinac Island in the winter.  There is a ferry service which takes you to the island most of the year.  However, in the winter it shuts down.  When that happens, there are 2 ways to reach the island: flying in on a small plane or driving across the ice bridge.  The ice bridge... now, doesn't that sound like fun?  Believe me, if I had a choice of how to get to the island in the winter... I'd probably take the ice bridge.

Just in case you're living in the United States and haven't noticed, states are having their primary elections to choose their candidates for the fall.  Sadly, everyone in the news media is focused on the Trump endorsed candidates.  They see this as a gauge of his stranglehold on the Republican party; the more he loses the weaker his grasp.  He lost a really big one in Nebraska last night, picked up a smaller one in West Virginia.    The more he loses, the angrier his MAGA base gets.  Republicans have entered slice and dice politics and the red meat their carving up and throwing to the crowd is their own.  Very nice.

Al Jazeera has called the move by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade 'so far out of the mainstream,' which I find fascinating.  Al Jazeera knows a little bit about extremism, so when they say the current actions by the Supreme Court are out of the mainstream, they're talking about serious extremism.

Finally, Chuck Schumer is having the Senate vote today to... well, they're not going to get enough votes to codify the WHPA, but every Republican and every Democrat who vote against it will publicly identify as being against a woman's right to choose.  You see, this whole thing is about choice.  It's not about anti-abortion or pro-abortion, it is about choice.  Those who are against choice will lose.



  1. And everyone against Choice should lose and be revealed for what they're really all about. The Extremists are coming for a lot of things, zealots thruout History have been dangerous and fanatical. A Radicalized Base is laser focused on their Agendas tho' and angrier MAGAts is exactly what will happen when the Minority realizes the Majority is pushing back and against all they stand for. They'd rather see the Nation in ruin than admit most of us abhor what they embrace.

    1. You're right, they would rather destroy the country then admit they're wrong. We should have started fighting them long ago instead of playing Mr. Nice.

  2. I actually love the smell of marigolds. And did you know they are actually a good propellant in the garden and patio for keeping certain bugs away?

  3. I don't mind some of Al Jazeera's documentaries, I find them interesting.

    1. They put out news that is fair and balanced... oh, did I just say that?

  4. If Al Jazeera finds the repugs and Alito & Co. extreme... we're fucked. And I'm glad the Dems ar forcing a vote: that way people who vote against their own interests (reproductive freedom) will have to know who it is they're voting for. Not like the Repugs are reflexive in any way, mind you...
    And I've been thinking about Marigolds. I read somewhere they keep pests and those annoying chipmunks away...
    And they're pretty.


  5. What Al Jazeera said was that the Supreme Court's decision was so out of the mainstream it was surprising. When you say 'fuck you' to the majority, the majority gets mad. Marigolds are pretty, but they are pungeant.