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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Magical Thinking

Honestly, I feel as though I could go back to sleep.  Yes, it is one of those mornings.  Today is my Friday... kind of... so to speak since I am off tomorrow.  Then it's back a day and then off a day.  I don't have consecutive days off until January 26.  Crap.

Yesterday was steady at work.  Typically, this time of year the retail slow down is well under way, not this year.  Looking at our daily sales boggles the mind.  Customers are investing in big ticket items, like new kitchens and decks.  Flooring?  Meh, not so much so.

I ordered a color printer last evening.  I already own a nice little black and white HP printer which is going to be moved downstairs by the desk.  That will be handier for me since I print off a lot of pages while I'm writing in order to note changes I want to make in the manuscript.  This makes editing a lot easier for me.  It's a Canon and I'll be able to print of pictures straight from my phone.  Now, won't that be nice.  Soon my will will be covered with pictures like this!!!

Biggie has a duck in his mouth

I saw in the LA Times a number of publishers have decided not to publish ''tell-all books' written by those who stuck with the Idiot Jerk in the White House for all of his years.  You do know this is what many were planning on doing.  This is how Karma works.

And I saw some blurb about Melanoma firing her agent.

Oh, and apparently rifts are splintering supporters of the Idiot Jerk who stormed Congress.  The white supremacists are fed up with the magical thinking of the qanon conspiracy theorists.  I laughed out loud at the magical thinking.  In a nutshell (and I truly mean nutshell), the Cracker Jack Crazy q's believe there is going to be national blackout for 10 days after which the Idiot Jerk will triumphantly emerge, executing all of the Satanic pedophiles, as well as his enemies, for a second term in the presidency.  You may want to read that twice... or maybe even three times to get the gist of the magical thinking.  Whoever thought the rabid fans of Twilight would move from sparkling vampires into politics.   Believe me, you just can make this shit up.


  1. Kellyanne Conway was on Bill Maher last night saying people are better off now than before IT tool office.
    Maher sad: "Not the 400,000 dead people."

  2. JFC, those Q wankers sure are a dumb bunch! I have always thought Q is either steve bannon or steve miller.

  3. I think it's a great idea not to publish tell all books by anyone who stuck by Trump. Hit them where it hurts I guess. I wonder how many were planning to do just that! Ha!

    1. I agree completely since they spent the last 4 years complicit as hell.