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Saturday, September 30, 2017

When Friday isn't Friday

Well, here it is... Saturday, and as I do on almost every Saturday, I'm going to work.  I say this for the benefit of all of those people who do get to work a 5 day work week, and for whom Friday is the last day of that week.  I have friends on Facebook who, every Friday, post these cute little dancing gifs proclaiming how great Friday is... for them.  So, recently, I began reminding them that there are vast numbers of people who work on weekends.  I let them know that if we all had a work week that ended on Friday the world would, for the most part shut down for them.  There would be no movies, or restaurants open, you couldn't go to the supermarket,  or stop by your 7-11 or get gas.  There would be no Emergency Rooms for people to go to were they to get sick.  No police, so don't get robbed, or have an accident.  Imagine Disney World closed on Saturday and Sunday, and Six Flags - no amusements parks because their employees had a work week that ends on a Friday.  Think of everything that would be closed.  Just start ticking things off in your head, the things you can't do because no one is going to be working.  And the number of cute, little gifs has started to decline because my friends have started to realize that without us weekend workers, their own personal lives would pretty much shut down.  A lot of people don't think about things like that.


  1. As a shift worker for 34 years, I applaud you! I have also been known to trot out those ridiculous verses from Leviticus (I think) where the Old Testamites are exorted to never enjoy the act of sodomy (presumably because you might enjoy it...), but people who work on the Sabbath must be put to death. I've had an aunt (now dead) trot out that stuff, so I pointed out that she'd better kill me then, since that her bible said to do so.

    Also, slavery is just fine. I still remember the look of hatred in her eyes.

    Sorry, this is a point on which I get pretty wound up. Not really the working on weekends, but it's a great comeback when people give me bullshit about gays being wicked. Especially at the moment in Oz as we are having a vote (not even legally fucking binding so therefore utterly ridiculous) about same sex marriage.

    1. Thanks for understanding.

      Good luck with your election, even if it's just a referendum. I mean, you got Thor on your side and the Crazy Conservatives should know he will smite them if he doesn't like the way they vote.