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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The fitting / edging Trump supporters

The bike fitting went well yesterday.  They use software that incorporates a Kinect and lasers to fine tune the most comfortable position for you on a bike.  You stand perfectly still for about 30 seconds while the lasers measure you:  height, leg length, arm length.  My shoulders are wide and that will effect how I sit on a bike.  My legs are short, but not as short as you would think when it comes to riding a bike.  They they start out with a simple piece of equipment and add a saddle (seat), handlebars, and pedals, and then you climb on-board and the fun starts.  While you are peddling they will move the seat up and down, forward and back, by millimeter increments (yes, it's metric).  The same thing happens with the handlebars.  And everything is angled, as well, so the front of the seat may go up or down in order to give you the best position.  As you pedal, they capture the distance your legs open.  My right leg opens wider than my left leg when I'm riding.  All of it was very interesting, and when they were done they sent me a PDF file which included the picture below, so this is actually a picture of a picture.

Notice my shapely legs, dainty ankles and all
And if anybody is wondering, I ordered the Cannondale Carbon Disc Ultegra, the red bike.
Oh, and I saw that the Idiot Jerk in the White House did speak at the UN yesterday... I even read some short excerpts, and believe me, they have to be short, otherwise the nausea overwhelms me and unless he's close enough to hit, well, that would be a waste of good puke.  Firstly, he evidently doesn't like 'rogue' nations and thinks they should be stopped, but not 'rogue' people since he had pizza with Sarah Palin  and didn't punch her out.  Secondly, from what I read, every single word was directed at his base, those supporters who voted for him.  You can bet they were all fervently listening and watching, as he edged them closer to ecstasy.  What a jerk.


  1. "dainty ankles" - hee hee hee!

    the ignorant dump sure farted out his ass at the UN yesterday; "rocket man" indeed!

  2. A lot goes into getting a good bike ... I still remember just getting on one with training wheels, but then that was just last week!

    1. Training wheels is a good start! Just wait until you're screaming down a hill at around 50 miles per hour wearing something similar to long underwear! Then you will know the joys of cycling!