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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The stuff of shadows

So, here it is... Tuesday, and my first day off after working 6 days.  Ain't it sweet?  Pretty much, so.  Around 10 I'm going to get measured for my new bike.  I did spend a bit of time on the trainer this AM since the hernia limits what I can do.  Cycling is okay. as long as I don't lean forward too much.  I can't wait until the damn thing is fixed.
Is the Idiot Jerk speaking at the UN today?  I think I read that somewhere.  Now that's embarrassing, especially since he and the rest of the GOP spent so much hate time criticizing it.  But then that's what they always do, attack what they can't control.
There was an interesting article in Bloomberg this AM about the Russkies and their hacking the election.  Sounds to me we should go back to paper ballots, that would show them, wouldn't it.  Counting ballots takes a lot longer, and politicians and political parties would loose that instant rush of gratification their winners get 5 seconds after the polls closed, but wouldn't that be better?  Let's be honest here, no matter what kind of safeguards our election software has, those damn Russkies are always going to try and hack it.  They're just like the GOP and the Evangelicals when it comes to control... and manipulation, and lies.
And I saw somewhere that Hillary is thinking of contesting the presidential election.  Not a good thing.  And evidently she and Bernie are having some sort of spitting match.  That too is not a good thing.  She needs to pull that stick of bitterness out of her ass and move to the sidelines.  Even though we all hate it, the Idiot Jerk won the electoral college.  Our number one priority right now must be to unite into one mighty group in order to move his shit stained ass out of the White House.  Both she and Bernie need to shut up.  They need to put on their wizened, sage robes and sit quietly giving advice when someone asks for it.  Their egos need to be taken off of the burner.  They need to put the country ahead of their own personal wants and desires.  They both lost.  They need to understand this.  America and the party must come first.  No matter how strongly they feel about certain subjects, they must both realize that now they are the stuff of shadows.


  1. "Is the Idiot Jerk speaking at the UN today? I think I read that somewhere." - yeah he probably will embarrass himself and the US in front of the world (as usual).

    "Sounds to me we should go back to paper ballots, that would show them, wouldn't it." - RAMEN, BRO! NOW MORE THAN EVER!

    1. Evidently he came across as a tool.

      Their lies are their crutches, and if you take away their lies, like voter fraud, they are nothing.