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Friday, September 29, 2017

Chicks on line

Well, I get to go back to work today.  I'm not so excited, if you know what I mean.  Over the past 2 days I did get pretty much accomplished: draperies in the dining room dry cleaned, replaced some trip, painted the molding around all of the windows in the dining room, cleaned.  Not too much on the workout scene, however - it's this damn hernia.  I can not wait until I get it fixed.  My current recurring nightmare is that because I'm going through the VA they're going to tell me it's going to take at least 6 months.  If they do, I'll go through a civilian doctor and have it done sooner.
And I see that the Idiot Jerk in the White House has released his TAX PLAN.  There was actually some sort of pompous GOP ceremony where they all gathered together like giggling school girls looking at a Playgirl for the first time.  Of course they did the same thing with their every attempt to repeal the ACA, well, maybe not so much with their last try.  This is the DO NOTHING PARTY, remember?  My money says that behind the scenes they're already scrambling for votes because this is nothing more than a give away to corporations and the wealthy.  I saw a news feed on Facebook where one of the Republican sponsors for this piece of shit admitted "well, the middle class may have to pay more, but they'll get more back in the end."  That's bullshit. 
And, speaking of Playgirl, I did a search to see if there still was such a thing.  There is.  And it does have a gay section called Playgirl Blue.  This doesn't surprise me since I always thought it was the guys buyng the magazine that kept it in business.

Remember when?
This got me wondering, just a little, if Playboy has a lesbian section, and if they do, is it called Playboy Pink and so, even though it's against my religion, I checked.  They don't.  It's just chicks on line.  That sounds funny, doesn't it?  Chicks on line.


  1. nope, no lesbian section in playboy. I always read it for the articles, since I am not interested in girls.

    1. articles... definite or indefinite? "A" tit or "the" tit.