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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Take me Home

So,  I was off yesterday.  It was nice.  I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything, though I did.  There was a lot of relaxation going on.
Today I'm off as well, only I have to do stuff today.  But yesterday?  Nah. 
I did go see "Kingsmen, The Golden Circle."  What a hoot!  Julianne Moore as a drug dealing villain named Poppy, Channing Tatum in blue boxers, Taron Egerton asking "do I look like a dick," and Elton John (that's right, Sir Elton John) saying "get the fuck out of my room... get the fuck out of my room," are just a few of the bright spots in this film.  There's a lot of graphic novel action, but then that makes sense since the series is based on a graphic novel.  There were moments when I laughed out loud.  That's right, there's a lot of humor in it.  Let's see, there's Halle Berry, and Beau Bridges, and Colin Firth, and Mark Strong, who usually plays heavies, singing John Denver.

"West Virginia, blue ridge mountains....."
Of course, the political humor is rollicking as well, in which the minority party has finally realized that an even smaller minority group of haters really wants to put their establishment gonads in a vice and crank it as tight as possible.  That's right, Mitch McTurtle is getting his nuts squeezed, in fact, this minority group that he, himself, encouraged, wants to rip them right out of his scrotum.  And this even smaller minority party seems to have little, if no interest, in putting forth any kind of sane legislation, all they want to do is spit out their insane hatred.  They don't even realize they are drowning in their own venom, but then why would they?  They were bred for their bitterness, spoon fed their anger, by a higher power for the soul purpose of devouring the Republican Party.  This is their Karma.
And, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing that would have made "Kingsmen, Golden Circle" more enjoyable, would have been to have Mark Strong sing his John Denver tribute naked:  Country Roads, take me home.