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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Online Failure

Okay, so it's Sunday.
Well, I'd ordered a new trainer for my bike on Friday, and I need to say that it was not bought through CycleOps but rather through a second vendor on Amazon.  Yesterday I received a text saying it had been delivered, and there was a big box on my porch when I got home.  Now I will admit that I was a bit excited and couldn't wait to unpack it.  The box itself looked like shipping had been anything but kind, but that didn't really matter, it's what's in the box that counts, sort of like people, you know?
Anyway, I cut open the sealing tape and began to pull out the contents.  The stand is similar to the stand for my Fluid trainer, only with a black satin finish and was in it's own packaging.  There were all sorts of goodies along with it... however, they seemed to have  been dumped in, when I'd gotten the Fluid trainer 6 or 7 years ago they'd had their own packaging.  Then I pulled out the box with the resistance unit... I don't know if anybody in the neighborhood heard me, but I started cursing up a blue streak.  You see, there was an old mailing label on the box that had the original addresses blackened out with a Sharpie.

This meant that the Jet Pro trainer they'd sent wasn't new, that it had been returned to the vendor by a previous customer who may or may not have used it.  Now, I work in retail and we get a lot of things returned that are in perfect condition.  Knowing this, I decided to see what shape the unit was in and opened the box.  And son of a bitch, didn't those morons send me the wrong, damn trainer!  They sent me a freaking Fluid 2!  Not a bad model, but definitely not the one I had paid good money for.  It was almost as bad as waking up back in November and discovering that the Idiot Jerk had won the election.  Shit!!  It's bad enough they sent me the wrong trainer, but it sucks shit that it also might have been used!  UPS is supposed to pick it up on Tuesday.
And thank you all for letting me piss and moan.


  1. Dave,
    You deserve to piss and moan. This is outrageous. I hope you get what you want and paid for. Are you planning to contact anyone by phone or email about what happened? At the very least this smacks of ineptitude. Certainly it's no way to run a business on the p and up. Good luck.

    1. Amazon has pictures & they're going to issue me a credit and I've left a bad review... with no foul language.

  2. bait and switch? FUCK THEM! dispute the transaction on your credit card! FUCK!

    1. No need to dispute, I buy big $$$ through Amazon, they treat me well.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm much less pissed off now but last night and this morning were a whole different story.