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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Life's little dramas

Well, the alarms are going off on my phone, my tablet, and my computer - my new furniture gets delivered today.  That's big news, right?
And I'm also supposed to go see "IT" this evening, and that big news, but not soooo big news.
I got the really big news yesterday afternoon, around 3:45 PM.
About 2 weeks ago, while I was doing crunches, I actually heard something sloshing in my intestines, and felt it as well, which is very odd.  There was no pain, just that disgustingly weird feeling and sound.  And then I developed a slight burning in my lower right groin and I thought... shit, could I be having appendicitis?  There was no nausea and it wasn't constant, so unlike every other man on the planet, I decided to get it checked out.  So, yesterday afternoon my doctor at the VA outpatient clinic, wearing a pair of bright blue gloves, did the groping thing and found... nothing.  When I told him I noticed the feeling when I was doing crunches, he had me lay back on the examining table and do a crunch.  Right off the bat he said "Oap, there it is."
So I questioned, "there what is?"
"You have a hernia," he said.  Evidently when I do crunches, the stuff inside bulges up against my abs making an obviously, visible lump where it's almost pushing through the muscle.  Notice, I said almost.  There's nothing actually oozing through... yet.  And, since that will end up being the eventuality, I'm going to have it fixed.
Just like in that old game "Operation," except nothing is coming out.  Evidently they inflate your skin and then put in some sort of mesh to keep things from popping out (now, wouldn't that be disgusting?)  I'll be off work for about 3 weeks.
My doctor said that they might offer me a choice, either the mesh inside or a truss outside.  A truss... now would that be attractive at the gym?
I can still do cardio, just no strength training, no crunches, and no lifting anything over 5 lbs.  When I told him I was doing 160 lb leg presses he said, "stop that now."  Shit.
Everybody is going like "Oh, my," and "Oh, no," and I'm like... "I'm going to check out a possible new bicycle this morning, before my furniture gets here."
I don't know why some people feel the need to create drama when something like this happens?


  1. Dave,

    Good luck with the surgery. You have a positive outlook which bodes well for an excellent outcome. Take care.

    1. Thanks. Everybody's like (dramatic) oooohhh, and I'm like... can we get it done tomorrow, please?

  2. What can I say but good luck with the surgery. It should all go simply and smoothly. Trust me, I'm a nurse, a retired one, admittedly, but I was one for over 30 years and we know shit. *nods wisely*
    So stop with the 160 lb leg presses like the doctor says and enjoy the time off work. You're basically as healthy as a horse, so you'll recover really well.

    1. I know he's right but I was never one who believed that 'thighs doesn't matter...' ;)

  3. my spouse had one of those fixed in 1993. take the mesh inside fix. and good luck!

  4. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!