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Friday, September 1, 2017

Cycling again!

Usually, I get my cardio on my Sole 95 elliptical - I get very good results.  However, I also like to ride my bike, the only problem being that my current CycleOps trainer is loud.  How loud is it?  My neighbor once told it sounded like I was driving a truck.  This also meant that I needed to have my music volume cranked even louder, not a good thing for you eardrums.  So, this AM I ordered a new trainer... from CycleOps, since I like their product lines:  CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro.

Delivery is scheduled for Sunday - and, of course, I'm working, which means I'll have to set it up when I get home.  My Fenix 3 HR has an 'indoor cycling app' so I'm set... hopefully.
I also got a phone call yesterday telling me that my furniture is going to be delivered on 9/12 - luckily I'm off that day.
And I saw that the Idiot Jerk in the White House now says he's going to donate $1 million to Harvey relief... which sounds nice, but don't read the fine print where you'll find that the monies may not actually come from him, rather, the check just might be drawn from his Foundation... Now, I know he has supporters who are going to whine about this being merely a technicality, but if the monies aren't coming from his personal funds, but from donations and contributions to his Foundation, is he really giving $1 million dollars?  Hell, no.  Of course that's not going to stop his supporters from merrily skipping down the sidewalk singing "he gives, he gives."
I have a nice table in my dining room that I'm thinking of taking a part and putting in storage.  I don't really use it.  In fact, I haven't really had a dinner party in almost 4 years.  The thought of having one makes me groan.  Do I really want to go through that "oh, shit" hassle?  I think not.  I just need to figure out where I'd put the silver candelabra.


  1. sell the table? and you KNOW dump ain't gonna give nothing; $1m is piss to him.

    1. Yeah, I actually sent my brother a picture of the table... though I tend to give things away.