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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Quick notes

My free weights took longer this morning, added in some rows, upright and standing, and so I'm running in mite bit late.
Saw this hugely funny article this AM about the Idiot in the White House.  Is this administration as close to the brink as a majority of this country thinks?  I suspect so.  I like the part where Mike Flynn says that if 'you ask for immunity then you're guilty.'  Ha ha.  Bet he never thought those words would come back to chew on his ass.
I as expecting my legs to be sore last evening... that was not the case.  Not that I'm afraid of soreness.  I remember once my Mom telling me that if you work out and you're sore afterwards you did something wrong.  She hates pain.  She never understood that some muscle soreness after usually indicates you did something right.
In a little over two weeks I'm off for 5 days.  I have a lot planned, including yard work.  We have pavers on sale... unfortunately they're not as cheap as they were last year.  This year's sale price is $1.56, last year's was $1.37. that's a big difference, in fact, one my actually say that it was a huge, huge difference... Shit, I've got to stop using that word sarcastically.  Ha ha


  1. 20 cents is 20 cents...multiplied by several hundred pavers and...

    NO IMMUNITY for flynn; he's just as guilty as the rest of the dumplings AND dump! LOCK THEM UP!

    1. Just by his asking for immunity, well, they're all guilty as hell!

  2. I'm with AM, convict Mike Flynn and let him testify to get a lighter sentence if need be, but NO IMMUNITY EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Channeling my inner Joan Crawford.

  3. As far as the muscle soreness....I'm thinking of how I feel after tent camping for several days...sore, but oddly good. All the extra exercise and fresh air makes you feel physically good even if there's a little bit of soreness.